bwin体育bwin体育的哲学基础, 被称为基督教教育的基本概念, was prepared by a joint committee of the Board of Corporators and Board of Trustees of bwin体育大学 and adopted by the Board of Trustees at their meeting on October 26, 1967.




首先要相信上帝是一切真理的源泉, education becomes the exciting adventure of seeking to appropriate knowledge in all its various facets under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

基督教的教育以圣经对上帝的看法为视角, 人类与宇宙的相互关系.

而基督教背景下的教育并不能保证真理, it does seek to establish the starting point apart from which ultimate truth can never be learned. 它变得至关重要, 因此, 从基督教的角度来确立教育的方向, and the following Statement has been drawn up in an attempt to make this clear as related to bwin体育大学. 在任何意义上都不应将其视为最后定论, but it purports to be the foundational concept upon which scholarship under God may thrive and expand.

This view of education rests upon the historic Christian faith contained in the Scriptures, bwin体育印章上打开的《bwin体育》是其象征. Holding to the summary of this faith as contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith of the mid-seventeenth century, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America has endeavored for over 150 years to offer through bwin体育大学 an education that articulates the implications of the sovereignty of 耶稣基督 over all of His creation.

" For with Thee is the fountain of life; in Thy light shall we see light.诗篇36:9


神是一位,有三个位格:圣父、圣子和圣灵. He is a personal being, possessing in Himself all that personality means yet without limitation. He is the self-existent Creator, Preserver and Controller of the universe in its totality.

男人和女人在所有生物中都是独一无二的, 人与动物的区别在于,人是按照上帝的形象被造的,是理性的, 道德和精神的存在. 人生的目的是荣耀神,以神为乐, 只有这样看待人生,才能获得最高的幸福, 福利和荣誉是有经验的. bwin体育被创造为不朽的生命. Earthly life is 因此 preparatory to the life after death and should not be regarded as an end in itself, 虽然作为上帝的创造物,现世的生命有其自身的真正价值.

By our relationship to Adam, as representative of the human race, we are fallen creatures. 通过道德上对上帝的反抗, we lost both our position of communion with God and our ability to consciously reflect God's glory, 反而献身于自我崇拜和自我膨胀. bwin体育的堕落不仅影响了bwin体育的道德本性,也影响了bwin体育的智力, 使bwin体育容易出错, 需要神的启示来决定所有领域的最终标准和价值. The moral and intellectual effects of sin are such that we are incapable of removing them by our own effort.

耶稣基督, 作为第二个亚当, 作为bwin体育的代表死而复活, 叫bwin体育蒙神拣选的人, 被圣灵重生的, and by faith identified with Christ in His death and resurrection might be restored to fellowship with God in the Holy Spirit and enabled to glorify God actively in our lives. 作为虔诚的基督徒, having realized our union with Christ and hence our own death to sin and rising to newness of life in the Spirit, we renounce self-centeredness as a lifestyle and seek in every phase of our experience to understand and reflect God's glory.

宇宙, 作为上帝的创造, serves to reveal God; and its revelation is true, 有效的, 本身也很有用. 被创造的宇宙, 充满神的荣耀, 是被理解的, 欣赏, 被bwin体育统治和利用. God in his goodness has bestowed upon us the ability to discover and use truths about the universe, 无论一个人与神的属灵关系如何,都可以学到什么. 在寻求理解宇宙的所有维度的真理, bwin体育有责任使用每一个教员和努力, but the facts of the universe can be understood in the fullest sense only when viewed in relationship to God. 最后的审判必须在神话语的光照下做出, 圣经, 哪一个是唯一恰当无误的真理标准.


因为bwin体育受造是为要荣耀神, Christian education seeks to develop the students' abilities to know God and to relate themselves and the created universe to God through the study of His Word and Works. Christian education emphasizes the Person and Work of the Lord 耶稣基督 in order that students may be yielded to Him as their Savior from sin, 并叫他们在基督里看出全宇宙的终极目的和意义.

It is the purpose of Christian education to seek the realization of the potential of the individual as the image of God through the development of God-given capacities. The fulfillment of those potentialities is reached insofar as students devote those capacities to God's glory in their vocations and daily lives. Christian education endeavors to develop each student's capacity for the enjoyment of the world as God's creation, 文化的丰富性, realizing that all of life as a coherent whole is related to God and His redemptive activity. 基督教教育的目标是培养成熟的学生, 作为个人, have well-integrated personalities; and who, 作为有良好导向的社会成员, 在家里建立神的国度吗, 教会, 国家和世界.


All persons responsible in any way for the functioning of an educational institution share in the pursuit of its goals. 在基督教教育中,这一点尤为重要,因为没有任务, 教学或其他, is unrelated to God; and also because all personnel should demonstrate in their lives an end-purpose of Christian education. 每个人都分享知识的传播, but only those consciously committed to 耶稣基督 as revealed in the Scriptures can envision and reach the goals of Christian education. To realize the goals of Christian education all faculty members should seek to understand more completely and to teach more effectively their particular disciplines with academic excellence within a consistent biblical world and life view.

虽然学生可以通过给予所有人的恩典而获得高度的知识, 以达到基督教教育的目标, 他们必须顺服耶稣基督, 使罪和罪对他们个性的影响可以被克服. 学生, 作为上帝的造物, are under His mandate both to learn and to apply all knowledge for the purpose of knowing and glorifying God. 他们不应该受到非基督教观点的庇护, 但必须变得能够批判性地评价所有的知识, 吸取真理,摒弃错误. 学生 should be aware of God's call on their lives and thus see their education as an opportunity to prepare for their life work, 不管是什么领域的努力.

In Christian education the curriculum is built upon the foundation that the historic Christian Faith is permanently true, 它是一个真正的基督教教育计划的综合因素. 因为基督教教育引导bwin体育去理解上帝, 人类和宇宙的相互关系, 课程将着重强调人文学科和科学, 理论与应用, 也是圣经研究的基本核心. The curriculum should lead students to grasp the foundations of learning so that they can live a life glorifying to God, 诚实自信地面对新知识的问题和挑战, 并在上帝的庇佑下为社会的福祉做出贡献.

道德纪律的标准必须按照上帝的道德律来维持, 就是他在圣经上所陈明的. 因此,管教要以神的话语为基础. 在基督徒的爱和坚定中操练的纪律不仅阻止了放纵, but also teaches in principle how to live under Christ's Lordship and how to live with other people on the basis of righteousness. Moral discipline must always be exercised in an attitude of helping the offender in the context of the doctrine of sin and its solution in 耶稣基督.